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[February 6th]


i even cried! he still gave me one, that JERK!

elsewise life is pretty sweet.. i giong to the HAM this weekend!!! yay. well im goin up there and me and sami are goin to t-town for an aopi thingyy. then we are stayin the night n t-town and then giong shoppin saturday and then ill be stayin in bham sat. night!!~ im freakin excited. me & my lover united atleast!! hahahaha but first i have to like pack my entire closet... bahhh. later folks!


i want people to leave me comments gahh [January 31st]
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expresso & the paper [January 28th]
well not much has been goin on latelyy... i work, i go to the tanning bed, i work, thats about it. well last night i worked, haha, and well i agreed to roll Ronnie & Brookes silverware for them (which was the worst mistake ever thats a crapload of silver) they each paid me $9 though so that was $18 i made ON TOP, of what i was mkain hourly bc i was STILL clocked in so then i got like $5 on to-go orders and nonsense so yeha i made like $23 plus i worked 6hrs so yeahhh. haha. Then today i worked (yea surprise)then i went to the tanning bed, then i went to the nail place to get a fill in... came home, showered went to the W/g competition at foley & saw THE ONE AND ONLY AMANDA AND KENDALL--- MY BFFFFFFFFFFFF'S! oh & nick too!! oh & cody! but emily couldnt come bc she had to work (yea i know how that feels em.) well after we watched the competition and murphy wg lost to crestview by 3 tenths of a point we left and wnet to eat at mellow mushroom, ya we had alotta fun. we talked about college and how me and kendall will eat breakfast together every morning and enjoy expresso while reading the paper... and we also talked about D.C. im so pumped! yay. anyways i dont have to work til 4 tomorrow but i might go shopping haha. but i do have to work on my anatomy disease project parts a & b so that stinks but o well. im goin to sleep late. yessssss!! k, later.

[January 25th]
im goin to RASCAL FLATTS! o yea! booooyah! na na na na booo booo! we have V.I.P. tickets, we WILL be on the first 15 rows... possibly first 5 if we are special enough, which we are! heck yea!! im pumped. cant wait til feb 26th!!!

a few other things im lookin forward to....Mardi Gras!!, spring break (possibly goin to edisto island, s. carolina) then orlando/tampa week after sb, graduation, then this summer i might be goin to D.C., and i cant wait to go to the lake this summer!!!! yay

[January 22nd]
i just got home from dogwood and im super tired... i dont even know why im writing this... basically just to express how proud i am of my bestfriend ashley. I went to the dogwood pageant to watch my friends tonight (i went to see ASHLEY but i had a few other friends... melissa, megan, mary helen, Karli so why the hay not support them too right?!) well, the evening started out wonderfully with their Opening performance to "under the sea" in their walk and talk costumes and it was crazy and funny and great. theere were some awesome costumes and walk and talks but none beat Ashley... she was a clown fish and her costume rocked and her skit blew me outta the water!!! it was so cute... yea there were other cute and funny ones too.Melissa's was really cute and even Karli's! well then we proceeded to the poise and composure in their evening gowns where they pranced about the stage in their gowns while the emcee talked about them! Ashleys dress was THE PRETTIEST! and she of course did the BEST! well then she didnt get into top ten or obviously then make the court. but no matter what shes always going to be the Queen in my heart!! Wel Karli and AUbrey made court from fhope and i think there was 2 daphe girls including the queen and then a spanish fort girl... i wasnt really expecting those ppl to get it at all! it was odd. anways ginger my friend got in top ten but didnt make it afterwards while talking to her about it i was reallly happy for her bc she got azalea for mcgill!! yay ginger. im very proud of all my friends no matter what they got... top ten, court or even nothing because they were alll beautiful and they all deserve to be on court. those judged have the hardest job ever picking 5 girls out of 50 wonderful ones!! afterwardsi went and hugged karli and told her i was proud of her (i really am even thought karli can be extremely fake especially lately) and she was like thanks so much for coming it means alot and you are going to come to my first appearance RIGHT? yes i'll be there... well tonight was fabulous and now im tired so au revoir!!!

[January 15th]
this week has been a very typical first week back to school. Anatomy is going to KILL me, we have so mnay projects/test/homework/assignments. English jsut plain sucks. BRITISH LITERATURE, enough said. especially Beowulf. and well drama 2 is going to be ms doss screaming everyday all over again bc we have got to get our scripts done like NOW. & contemporary world issues isnt hard but it will be just another pain in my ass. plus its coach stroud who is a really great teacher but just tends to get on my nerves alot. other than getting use to the swing of things nothing much has happend except i found out that one of my bestfriends from my childhood was killed in a car wreck and that was really rough. i've been trying not to think about it alot bc it makes me upset. shes in a better place and thats how im looking at the whoel situation. well then i went out with Lindsay, Casey, Jessica G, and Abby and we went to eat at olive garden and were going to go cosmic bowling, but cosmic bowling wasnt that night so we were like hm owell and then the bowling alley ended up closing by the time we got there (or they were closing in 30 minutes) so yeah that really sucked i was looking forward to bowling, we'll definitely have to do it another time. however we did have some crazy times at olive garden... our waiter tossed our salad, we basically tortured the hell out of him. but the food took forever i think they had to go catch the shrimp in the gulf and then go catch the chickens and pluck them out back. & in the mall parking lot...& at random drive thrus (starbucks, mcdonalds). they didn't know about the party! you know THE PARTY IN JESSSICAS PANTS! haha. well we really had alot of fun and im glad i hung out with them... we found out some interesting things like how SOMEONE is a freak! well im going to go... i workin 6 shifts this week which= hell yea money! love love!

[January 8th]
christmas break is OVER! and we are goin back to school tomorrow. yes im dreading it.
hung out with sarah and ashley friday night & we saw a movie (wolf creek which really isnt good) && GOT CRUNK! i cant wait for this semester to be OVER OVER OVER! im a SENYAA and im reading to graduate! atleast we have alot of breakss this semester liike ONE n 2 weeks (Mlk day!) & mardi gras && spring break!! then its summa & im going to college! i cant wait for college life. we've decided our dorm room is gonna be PINK BLACK AND HOUNDSTOOth yesss! :) anyways im out. peace!

i've been an awful good girl [December 22nd]


[December 21st]
last week and this week were totally awesome. well i had like 3 christmas parties at school last week so we didnt like do work. and then friday night my car BROKE DOWN but i still ended up getting to go to mobile to see my lovelys, the fantastic four. and we had our christmas pow wow and swapped gifts & i got very lovely giftss from them. then i worked the rest of the weekend pretty much. then monday i still had to go to school and had 3rd/4th exams and tuesday i had 1st/2nd. then last night was ashleys surprise bday partyy. there were just a few of us but it was still fun fun fun. so the whole day ashley was finding all these reasons to ruin her brithday plans and we were like ahhh stop it! we went to lunch though at el mexicano then went back to ashleys for a while then i went over to amanda and gave her christmas present and i got mine. its a pretty braclet with a pink stone heart near the clasp. then i went to sarahs and got ready for the partyy. then she finally got there and gus ruined it and when she walked in the door he was like happy birthday before she even got to the room where we were!! but we all gave her presents and had cake and ice cream and watched the 40 year old virgin which was pretty much hilarious!! and after everyone else left me and sarah and ashley swapped presents and they are the bestestestest friends. they gave me AWESOMEE presents! haha they gave me like all hello kitty stuff which i love love love! and then wade was a poo poo head to my sarah and i wanted to bust a cap in his ass but i fell asleep and they watched skeleton key but i didnt. then we woke up and ate cake and icecream for breakfast. btw, did i mention ms. theresa got drunk last nighTT? haha it was so funny she only drank like 2 margaritas! well then, this morning we watched ring 2, even though im deathly afraid of the first one it wasn't as scary as the first so yeah i was fine. and i feel like CRAP bc im getting sick so i had to run down to desotos and now im back here and im just sitting here. tomorrow night i have to go to the christmas party at desotoso pretty much bc mom is making me, blah. and then tomorrow im going shopping with fran and im going to pick up my car bc ITS READY! i wanted it to be unfixable so that dad had to buy me a new one :( i dont want it back.... i like the accord! man the accord drives like a dream and its so beautiful and new(2003). but it doesnt have power locks haha and that is really really annoying. sarah cant get use to the no power locks..

i cant wait til christmas-- only 4 days away!

[December 18th]
somtimes life doesn't go your wayy. gues theres nothign u can do about it!!

sarah calls me this afternoon while im in the tanning bed (note my cell rang 3 freakkin times while i was trying to relaX) shes like o i just saw ashley in target and she was like hey we need to get together RIGHT after school on tuesday and swap gifts bc im going to mobile tuesday night. i was like omgosh, thats the freakin night of her surprise party... if she ends up going its just her selfishness RUINGING her party that her bestfriends are giving her.

i can't wait for christmas. & i can't wait to go to b'ham.

if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad [December 13th]
he acknowledged my existance today... for the first time in over a week. he hugged me. it was crazyy. & i still like him so yeah. he better start acting normal again. :)

every little thing... [December 12th]
about now, things could take a turn for the better... or the worse i guess.

oh well. im excited about lots of things coming up-- like christmas! my dad put up the tree in his house and its 12 feet tall! IMAGINE THAT ITS GOING TO BE BEAUTIMOUS! its giant. to quote mi padre "THE GRISWALDS AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON THE WATSONS BABY." haha. oh man... i finished alot of my christmas shopping BUT not ALL. another thing that excites me is... ashleys surprise partyy next, uhm, wednesday!! but SHHHH. even though im going to be bagging groceries tuesday afternoon & wednesday morning prolly. it will be exciting, this is the first party i've ever planned. excellentness. im getting her an ice cream cake. and another thing that excites me is i get to see 2 of my BFF's when i got to birmingham... amanda & cassidy. i can't wait. ANOTHER thing that i can look forward to is the end of this week bc on friday its the Fantastic Four Christmas Pow-wow with amanda kendall and emily, SWEET. im going to MOBTOWN THIS WEEKEND. but i have to work saturday night, but me and britney talked about goint o see harry potter sat. after work. then there are a few fun things in the month of january like going to watch ashley be in the Dogwood Trailmaid Pageant... she better get on dogwood court! she deserves it! and i definitely want to attend some basketball games to see april! anyways this is all the fun i can handle for now i need to get back to watching newlyweds season 1 on dvd. yuuup.

peace&love folks.

[December 8th]
i would looove to tell you my life is perfect right now, but i'd be lieing. i'm not exactly riding the gravy boat. it really sucks. i was at such a high in life oh, about a month ago or acutally even 2 weeks ago but for the past 2 weeks it has all slowing been decreasing and i don't know how much more shittyness i can take. well the guy i liked so so much doesn't acknoweledge my existence anymore. and to top that off my "bff" has been the shady lady & shes making a big deal out of something bc she thinks im makin a big deal outta it but im trying to forget it and like MOVE ON. come on we're seniors in highschool right, we are 17 almost 18years old. LETS ACT IT. lets get a grip on ourselves. the only reason why i was in fact being an oversensitive jerk on monday was the fact that monday is december 5th and anyone who knows ME nad knows me WELL knows thats the day my brother died. SO obviously im going to cry when i want to talk to her about it and she definitely acted like she was pissed off at me. i just wanted to talk to her about it and she like totally ignored me when i even tried to have a general convo so i then infact realized that i obviously wasnt going to get to talk to her about my brother being dead 13years. i ask her if shes mad at me but shes like no i just had a bad weekend and then she turns around and is like allmiss nicey nice to leanne (who was btw a former friend of ours until she turned into a stark raving bitch). yeah that def. hurt my feelings that she said that she was being distant bc she had a nbad weekend then turns around and is all friendly to leanne. some people may question whether this is a jealousy issue and no its not anymore at first when they first started being friends again i was sorta mad but not overly afterall leanne has gone thru alot lately with ben and her breaking up so its all understandable but now it has nothing to do with jealousy its just called "i feel hurt by my bestfriend". however i DO NOT WANT TO BE BFF'S with leanne again bc need i remind you of a little rumor she spread about me and amandas boyfriend, HAHA. yes that was qquite humorous to all and i cannot forgive and forget for that but i guess amanda can even though it was about her bestfriend and boyfriend "having something going on". yes isn't that lovely? isn't my life so grand? so im trying to get over this and i htink she was too but i think heard something and whatever IM DROPPING IT now its up to her to drop it too. i really want us to be like bestfriends again bc she is one of the best ive ever had. we've got 4 & 1/2 more months in this hellhole they call highschool so lets make the best of it and have the times of our lives, not get mad at eachother. if anyone thinks im being irrational PLEASE let me know. k thanks.

[November 30th]
they are really confusing. and i just wish i could begin to understand them. but i guess as much as they want to understand us they never will and vice versa.

how could a guy be so anxious to know why im not at school and where i am, but when i get back act like he totaly doesn't care.

[November 18th]
wow okay last night was so awesome i don't even know where to start! AHH! ok so me and amanda went home form school and watched oprah & then got ready to go to the lighting of the trees in downtown fairhope. and the band was playing so yeah. so it was super cold and we were wearing big jackets and gloves and we stood there for like 45minutes watching/listening to the band playing. and like the chorus sang, dogwood trilmaids and jubilee maids were there and they pulled the swtich to light the trees and all that jazz. so when the band got done it was great bc we were cold and ryan hugged me really big and it was great. then amanda was tryin to get him to go to ruby tuesdays with us and he was like im tired im gonna go home. so then we got to ruby tuesdays and he surprises us and shows up and i just spent time with him which was why it was awesomeness. :) plus it was me, amanda, kory, ryan, colin and parker and we laughed soso hard it was really funny. and it made me really happy, ryan is so sweet. but yeah anyways haha. tonight i had to work and tomorrow i have to work and sunday i work a double. tomorrow =iron bowl. 2 words: ROLL TIDE! we gonna beat the hell out of auburn. so what does AUBURN stand for? Alabama Usually Beats Us 'Round November. HELL YESS haha.

have a lovely weekend my loves.
today was fabuloussssss! even tho i got a headache and 4th block was crappy! :) i love getting hugs from him which made the day so worthwhile.

shes my cherry pie [November 15th]
today was... Ehhh. not bad, not good. oh well.

thursday im going to the lighting of the trees. Ryan told me i needed to go. so yeah...

thanksgiving is around the corner (next week!) and im going to b'ham. i want it to be fun.
then christmas is around the corner, yay. i started my christmas list tonight :D

im just speakin from experience [November 14th]
i just got home from the tanning bed. going to the tanning bed makes me very happy. i had sooo many things on my mind though so i didn't fall asleep.

today was one of those mondays that you could really live without... it wasn't exactly BAD but it wasn't good. you know... its like nothing bad happend but nothing spectacular did either. mondays usually are that way. maybe its because i didn't get hugged alot by him today... but i didn'tget hugged by him last monday either. he did come and talk to me and only me this morning for about 15minutes before the bell rang and that made me really happy. he gave me greif about alabama losing but i loved every minute of it. i gave him greif about florida losing too. haha. then after school i was like ohh so you aren't going to give me a hug today and he was like ohh noo and gave me a really big one and i was like "yea, i've had a real bad day" and he asked me about it but then someone interuptted and so i left and just went to my car. i'll tell him about the 46 on my alg2 test tomorrow, maybe he'll tutor me. ;)

i started doing my makeup different and i like it. i did my lips different with this new gloss and lipliner and it makes my lips look big... hmm i like them that way. i got alot of compliments.

they're just jealous cause we're young & in love [November 11th]
long weekends are love.
so is lunch & shopping with one of your bestest friends.

i got some sperry's today. & a bracelet, 2 necklaces at private gallery.
& i got a pink/white stripe button up from polo.

it's been about 27 & 1/2 hours and im longing to see him again. monday won't come quite soon enough.

our names sound so good together... [November 10th]
im sooo tanorexic. yes its true i suffer from tanorexia and i can't go to the bed enough. its just so relaxing... plus i get dark and im gettin really brown.

we found out today that we are going on a spring trip for band to orlando and we are marching in a parade at islands of adventure theme park. how fun. plus we are goin to busch gardens & unviersal studios. and we get to miss like a day or 2 of school i cant remember if its 1 or 2 days. oh well. still sounds like fun. except for the long bus ride. ohh well.

and once again im STILL completely head over heels for that guy. he's so sweet. gah.

[November 8th]
so im completely HEAD over HEELS for this guy. i want him to be the one. everytime he hugs me i get butterflies in my stomach and its the best ever!

 i might be trying out for spirit drum and bugle corps (it's liiike, professional marching band for all you amateurs!)im still not sure b/c then i will be gone literally ALL summer like i'll have to leave for college right after i get home and stuff. plus it wouldnt be til mid august and i don't want to miss bama blast or bid week or anything pertaining to college life. ugh... so i might not be trying out even though it would totally rock my face off to march spirit with one of my bestest friends a.lowe. :( PLUS tryouts are the weekend after thanksgiving...:-\ i dunno. i wanna do it though.

plus im quitting dance. yeah... it sucks but i guess i gotta take the good with the bad smile with the sad love what i got and remember what i had. im takin baton again, in place of it bc mom wants me to be a crimsonette. haha. don't laugh im a good twirler!! plus im pretty. and basically thats all they want.

<img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b265/LindzeeLu/guard.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
im going to miss it dearly.

let the good times rollCollapse )

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